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Thoughts on Flash

July 04th 2012 | peterelst | Published in Community

A lot has happened over the last couple of years changing the landscape for Flash, particularly when it comes to mobile devices. There was a point not so long ago where there was a clear resurgence and major platforms prominently advertised Flash Player support - those days are no longer.

Away3D 4 Basics - The Camera(s)

March 12th 2012 | Jens C Brynildsen | Published in Tutorials

The camera is what you view the 3D world through. Just as a real camera, the virtual 3D camera applies perspective to your models by adjusting properties such as zoom, focus and position. In this tutorial you'll learn how to use the 3 cameras available in Away3D.

Away3D 4 Basics - The View and the Scene

March 12th 2012 | Jens C Brynildsen | Published in Tutorials

When you look out through a window in your house, you only see what is visible from your point of view, not what is occluded by the walls. The viewable area is decided by the size and shape of the window, so you'll see a "cropped" view of what's outside. This is exactly how the View works in Away3D as well. It is the "window" that we view our 3D world through.

Away3D 4 Basics - A simple class explained

March 12th 2012 | Jens C Brynildsen | Published in Tutorials

This tutorial is the first in a series covering Away3D version 4, a powerful real-time 3D engine for Flash or Flex. This tutorial explains a very simple Away3D class line by line so that even novices to Actionscript programming will be able to understand what is going on in the rest of the tutorials.

Flash on the Beach 2011 - Day 3

September 15th 2011 | Jens C Brynildsen | Published in Community

The Elevator Pitch was a huge success last year and this year again it was a whirlwind tour of great ideas and projects that are strange, fun, stupid, clever and really everything in between. This day also held the surprise many talked about in the corridors - this was indeed the last Flash on The Beach